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She keeps to the shadows and is everywhere and yet nowhere. She keeps watch, and protects. She was chosen because of her ability to become a puff of air brushing a cheek or a ripple in the sand on a beach. Her movements are almost imperceptible—dismissed as a trick of light, a figment of the imagination… So many coming, it is hard for her to keep watch. But, she is swift and can be anywhere, faster than a frightened, indrawn breath. SHE IS LUSCA.

In LUSCA and Other Fantastic Tales discover the magic of creatures from other worlds—predators that prowl the night and cannot be stopped by locks or bars—heroes with fangs and backward turned feet. Wonder at a celestial being with the power to bring light to dark lives.

Through the amazing writing ability and cultural knowledge of Patricia Glinton-Meicholas, LUSCA and Other Fantastic Tales animates and preserves several of the unique, but mostly forgotten, legendary creatures of Bahamian folklore in a collection of original short stories of a highly creative imagination. The content is quite distinct from Mrs Meicholas’ An Evening in Guanima, which has remained on the school syllabus for many years. Another superbly written enjoyable prose work has been added to the growing list of Bahamian literature.

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